The Ultimate Guide to How To Register Online NCR

A complaint simply means an allegation which is filed in the form of a registered report against any person accusing him/her of committing an offence which needs to be presented in front of the magistrate. It can either be orally or in writing, however, it does not include an FIR. Secondly, FIR (First Information Report) is the report which is prepared by a police officer in furtherance of receiving any information in regards to a commission of any cognizable offence. The procedure for filing a FIR is stated under the Section 154 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. Moreover, usually, a person needs to visit the police station in order to file a complaint or an FIR.

That said, when it comes to e-FIR, it can be filed only for cognizable offences. In these cases, the police can even make the arrest without the need of a court order. In the case of non-cognisable offences such as assault, stalking, cheating, etc, only a complaint can be filed online. After the complaint is filed, it can be later escalated into an FIR after seeking permission from the Magistrate. However, there are some states/union territories that allow submission for both FIRs and complaints, and in this article, we will talk about the process of how to file an online police report in Delhi.

How to file an online FIR: Lost and found

1.Visit the official website– Go to the State Police official website. For Example – (

2. Click on ‘Lost & Found’ option– There are multiple options on the home page but you have to click on the Citizen Services tab and choose the ‘Lost & Found’ options.

3. Click on Register- Below the ‘Lost Article Report,’ there will be four option namely, Retrieve, Register, Search found articles and FAQ. Select the second option ‘Register’.

4. Fill the registration form

  • Complainant’s Name- Fill the name of the person who is looking to lodge the E-FIR.
  • Father’s/Mother’s Name
  • Complainant’s Address- Where the person who is looking to file the complaint is residing (Required full address). 
  • Complainant’s Mobile number
  • Complainant’s email ID– it will be to send you a copy of the e-report for verification.
  • Place of Loss in Delhi- Particular details about where the article was lost in Delhi. 
  • Date of Loss- While the month and year are mandatory, you can guess the date if you do not remember it.
  • Time of Loss- Fill it if you know the exact timing as this is not mandatory. 
  • Lost Articles- Name of the article lost. 
  • Description- Basic details of the lost article.
  • ADD- Details will be attached to the file by clicking this.
  • Any Other Details- Any other specific detail about the article. 
  • Note- 10 items can be added at one time in one report.

5. Enter captcha code on the registration form.

6. Recheck the details before clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

7. Check your e-mail ID for a copy of the e-report and take a print out for future reference.


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