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    DU LLB Exam Mode Online
    Question Paper type Objective (MCQs)
    Number of Sections 4
    Maximum Questions 100
    Marking Scheme Correct Answer: + 4
    Incorrect Answer: -1
    Exam duration 2 hours (120 minutes)
    Medium of language English

    The power to  form new states or change the boundaries of existing states  vestes with

    2. Fundamental rights of Indian citizens can be suspended by president
    3. __________is the commander in- chief of the defence
    4. The Constitution (One Hundredth Amendment) Act, 2015 was enacted to give effect to:
    5. Under the Constitution of India, the official language of the Union is:
    6. Who was the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly in framing the Indian Constitution?

    Which among the following does not belong to the 'right to freedom of religion'?

    8. Under the Constitution of India 'Right to Pollution Free Environment' has emerged as a fundamental right from the right to-

    Under the Constitution of India restriction on freedom of religion cannot be placed on the ground of -

    10. Who is the Union Finance Minister of India?

    The term of which of the following Lok Sabha was extended beyond the normal period of five years laid down in the Constitution?

    12. The Supreme Court of India has struck down the Constitution (Ninety-ninth Amendment) Act,2014 as unconstitutional. It is related to -
    13. Which Indian State has prescribed minimum educational qualification for candidates contesting panchayat polls?
    14. The First Official Language Commission, as required under Article 344 of the Constitution, was constituted by the President in
    15. To secure the enrichment of Hindi, the Constitution, among other things, directs the State to give-primary importance to one of the languages included in the VIII Schedule for the purpose of drawing upon it. This language is
    16. In the event of non-enforcement of Directive Principles of the State by the Government, a citizen of India can move the

    The member of a State Public Service Commission can be removed on the ground of misbehaviour only after an enquiry has been conducted by the

    18. In accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, new all-India Services can be created only by the

    Financial allocation for Education was made for the first time by the Charter Act of

    20. The Chairman of Rajya Sabha is

    Direction: Read the following information carefully and choose the appropriate option in the

    questions given below.

    1. There is a group of five persons – A, B, C, D and E.
    2. One of them is a Singer, one is a Dancer, one is a Painter, one is a Teacher and one is a Doctor.
    3. Three of them – A, C and Doctor prefer rice to chapatti and two of them – B and the Painter

    prefer chapatti to rice.

    1. The Teacher, D and A are friends to one another but two of these prefer chapatti to rice.
    2. The Singer is C’s brother.


    Who is a Dancer?
    22. Who is a Teacher?
    23. Who is a Singer?

    Ravi was showing a photograph to his friend, Gopi. Pointing at a boy in the photograph, Ravi said: ‘The boy sitting at the left is the son of the wife of the only son of the grand-mother of my younger brother’.What is the relation between the boy in the photograph and Ravi?

    25. In a company, 60 % workers are males. If the number of female workers in the company is 800,what is the number of male workers in the company?

    Sunil’s school bus is facing North when it reaches his school. After starting from Sunil’s house,it turned right twice and then left before reaching the school. What direction the bus was facing when it left the bus stop in front of Sunil’s house?


    A man walks 1 km. towards East and then he turns to South and walks 5 kms. Again he turns to East and walks 2 kms. After this he turns to North and walks 9 kms. Now, how far is he from his starting point?

    28. John wants to go the university. He starts from his house which is in the East and comes to a crossing. The road to his left ends in a theatre, straight ahead is the hospital. In which direction is the University?
    29. If 27th March, 2011 was Sunday, what was the day on 27th June, 2011?
    30. No parrots are black. All crows are black. From the above premises which one of the following conclusions is true?

    Principle: The concept of natural justice is against biasness and for the right to a fair hearing. While the term natural justice is often retained as a general concept, and it has largely been replaced and extended by the general ‘duty to act fairly’.

     Facts: ‘X’, a male employee of a company was dismissed by the employer just on the basis of a complaint by ‘Y’, a female employee of the company that ‘X’ was trying to be too friendly with her and often requested her to accompany him to the canteen Is the dismissal of ‘X’ valid?


    Principle: Every agreement, by which any party is restricted absolutely from enforcing his right in respect of any contract, by the usual legal proceedings in the ordinary Tribunals, is void to that extent. The law also provides that nobody can confer jurisdiction to a civil court by an agreement between parties.

    1. Facts: A and B entered into a valid contract for rendering certain service. A clause in the contract was that in case of any dispute arose out of the contract; it shall be referred to for Arbitration only. Is the contract valid?

      Principle: Every agreement, by which any party is restricted absolutely from enforcing his right in respect of any contract, by the usual legal proceedings in the ordinary Tribunals, is void to that extent. The law also provides that nobody can confer jurisdiction to a civil court by an agreement between parties.

      Facts: A and B entered into a valid contract for rendering certain service. A clause in the contract was that in case of any dispute arose out of the contract; it shall be referred to for Arbitration only. Is the contract valid?

    Principle: It is a case of fraud where a party to a contract knows or believes a fact to be true, but conceals it actively from the other party with a view to induce that person to enter into the contract.

    Facts: While taking a life insurance policy, in reply to questions by the insurance company during the inquiry into his proposal, Zameer deliberately concealed the fact of his medical treatment for a serious ailment, which he had undergone only a few weeks ago.

    Principle: Contract is a written or spoken agreement, with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit known as consideration. Such an agreement is intended to be enforceable by law. A unilateral contract is one in which there is a promise to pay or give other consideration in return for actual performance.

     Facts: A Toilet Soap Manufacturing Company in India in order to promote the sale of their product, published an advertisement in all the Newspapers on January 1, 2017 that the Company has kept a model ignition key of an Audi A3 Car. The advertisement also stated that whoever gets the said key before December 31, 2017 from a soap bar will be gifted with the Audi A3 Car. Mr. Martin, a foreigner who came to India as a Tourist who was staying in a Hotel found a Key similar to same Car Ignition Key. Mr. Martin brought this matter to the notice of the Hotel Manager. The Manager informed Mr. Martin about the Company’s advertisement on January 1, 2017. Mr. Martin wants to claim the Car. Will he succeed?


    Principle: In criminal law, misappropriation is the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person's estate or by any person with a responsibility to care for and protect another's assets. Embezzlement is misappropriation when the funds involved have been lawfully entrusted to the embezzler. On the contrary, theft is the illegal taking of another person's property or services without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.

     Facts: A went for swimming at the Municipal Swimming Pool. A handed over all his valuables,including some cash to X, the guard on duty for safe custody, as notified by the Municipality.After swimming for an hour, A came out and searched for X. He found another guard on duty and that guard informed A that X had gone home after completing his shift and did not hand over anything to be given to A. A registered a complaint with the police. X was traced but he told the police that he sold all the valuables and the entire cash was used for drinking liquor. What offence, if any, was/were committed by X?


    Principle: Penal laws provide that whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man or woman, shall be punished for rape.

     Facts: A Police Officer found a man engaged in carnal intercourse with an animal. The Police Officer arrested the man and produced him before the Court.


    Principle: Every agreement, of which the object or consideration is opposed to public policy, is void.An agreement which has the tendency to injure public interest or public welfare is one against public policy. What constitutes an injury to public interest or public welfare would depend upon the times and the circumstances.

     Facts: ‘A’ promises to obtain for ‘B’ an employment in the public service, and ‘B’ promises to pay rupees 5,00,000/- to ‘A’.


    Principle: According to the law of trade unions in India, no suit or other legal proceeding shall be maintainable in any civil court against any registered trade union or any officer or member thereof in respect of any act done in contemplation or in furtherance of a trade dispute.

     Facts: Soloman, the Secretary of a registered Trade Union took a loan from a Bank for the higher education of his daughter. Soon after completing the course she was married to an NRI engineer. Solomon did not repay the loan. The Bank demanded the payments from Soloman and warned him that the Bank will take suitable legal action against him. Identify the legal position in this regard.


    Principle: When a person makes such a statement which lowers other person's reputation in the estimation of other persons, is liable for committing defamation.


    Facts: 'A' writes a letter to 'B' in which he uses abusive language against 'B' and also states that 'B' is a dishonest person. 'A' put the letter in a sealed envelope and delivered it to 'B'.

    Principle: Nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise of the right of private defence.

    Facts: ‘A’, under the influence of madness, attempts to kill ‘B’. ‘B’ to save his life kills ‘A’.

    Principle: Section 34 of Indian Penal Code provides that ‘When a criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone.’

     Facts: Three vagabonds, Sanju, Dilbag and Sushil decided to commit burglary. In the night,Sushil opened the lock and they broke into a rich man’s house when the entire family was on a pilgrimage. Sanju had gone to that house earlier in connection with some cleaning job. There was only a servant lady in the house. Hearing some sounds from the master bed room, the servant switched on the lights and went up to the room from where she heard the sound.Noticing that the servant was going to cry for help, Sanju grabbed her and covered her mouth with his hands and dragged her into the nearby room. The other two were collecting whatever they could from the room. When they were ready to go out of the house, they looked for Sanju and found him committing rape on the servant. They all left the house and the servant reported the matter to the police and identified Sanju. Subsequently, all three were arrested in connection with the offences of house breaking, burglary and rape. Identify the legal liability of the three.


    Principle: Assault is causing bodily injury to another person by use of physical force.

     Facts: Rustum while entering into compartment of a train raised his fist in anger towards a person Sheetal, just in front of him in the row, to get way to enter into the train first, but did not hit him. Rustum has:


    Principle: Acceptance of a proposal must be absolute and unqualified.

           Facts: ‘A’ made a proposal to sell his motorcycle to ‘B’ for Rs. 25,000/-. ‘B’ agreed to buy it for Rs. 24,000/-. ‘A’ sold his motorcycle to ‘C’ for 26,000/- the next day. ‘B’ sues ‘A’ for damages.


    Principle: Negligence is actionable in law. In simple terms, negligence is the failure to take proper care over something.

     Facts: A, a doctor, conducted a hysterectomy sincerely on B and left a small cotton swab inside the abdomen. As a consequence of which B developed some medical problems and had to undergo another surgery. Is A liable?


    Principle: When a person consented to an act to be done by another, he cannot claim any damages resulting from doing that act, provided the act done is the same for which consent is given.

     Facts: 'P' submitted a written consent to a surgeon 'S' for undergoing a surgical operation for removal of appendicitis. The surgeon while doing surgery also removed the gall bladder of 'A':


    Principle: There are legal provisions to give authority to a person to use necessary force against an assailant or wrong-doer for the purpose of protecting one’s own body and property as also another’s body and property when immediate aid from the state machinery is not readily available; and in so doing he is not answerable in law for his deeds.

     Facts: X, a rich man was taking his morning walk. Due to the threat of robbers in the locality,he was carrying his pistol also. From the opposite direction, another person was coming with a ferocious looking dog. All of a sudden, the dog which was on a chain held by the owner, started barking at X. The owner of the dog called the dog to be calm.

    They crossed each other without any problem. But suddenly, the dog started barking again from a distance. X immediately took out his pistol. By seeing the pistol the dog stopped barking and started walking with the owner. However, X shot at the dog which died instantly.The owner of the dog files a complaint against X, which in due course reached the Magistrate Court. X pleads the right of private defence. Decide


    In pari delicto

    48. Pari passu
    49. ‘Jus Gentium’ means:
    50. ‘Punctum Temporis’ means:

    Direction for Question 56-65: Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions given

    after the passage:

    1. Often, we passionately pursue matters that in the future appear to be contradictory to our real intention or nature; and triumph is followed by remorse or regret. There are numerous examples of such a trend in the annals of history and contemporary life.
    2. Alfred Nobel was the son of Immanuel Nobel, an inventor who experimented extensively with explosives. Alfred too carried out research and experiments with a large range of chemicals; he found new methods to blast rocks for the construction of roads and bridges; he was engaged in the development of technology and different weapons; his life revolved around rockets and cannons and gun powder. The ingenuity of the scientist brought him enough wealth to buy the Bofors armament plant in Sweden.
    3. Paradoxically, Nobel's life was a busy one yet he was lonely; and as he grew older, he began suffering from guilt of having invented the dynamite that was being used for destructive purposes. He set aside a huge part of his wealth to institute Nobel Prizes. Besides honouring men and women for

    their extraordinary achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine and literature,he wished to honour people who worked for the promotion of peace.

    1. It's strange that the very man whose name was closely connected with explosives and inventions that helped in waging wars willed a large part of his earnings for the people who work for the promotion of peace and the benefit of mankind. The Nobel Peace Prize is intended f or a person who has accomplished the best work for fraternity among nations, for abolition or reduction of war and for promotion of peace.
    2. Another example that comes to one's mind is that of Albert Einstein. In 1939, fearing that the Nazis would win the race to build the world's first atomic bomb, Einstein urged President Franklin D Roosevelt to launch an American programme on nuclear research. The matter was considered and a project called the Manhattan Project was initiated. The project involved intense nuclear research the construction of the world's first atomic bomb. All this while, Einstein had the impression that the

    bomb would be used to protect the world from the Nazis. But in 1945, when Hiroshima was bombed to end World War II, Einstein was deeply grieved and he regretted his endorsement of the need for nuclear research.

    1. He also stated that had he known that the Germans would be unsuccessful in making the atomic bomb, he would have probably never recommended making one. In 1947, Einstein began working for the cause of disarmament. But, Einstein's name still continues to be linked with the bomb. Man's fluctuating thoughts, changing opinions, varying opportunities keep the mind in a state of flux. Hence, the paradox of life: it's certain that nothing is certain in life.

    The Manhattan Project was initiated ______.

    Alfred established the Nobel Prizes to ______.

    53. In paragraph 4, the word 'accomplished' means ___________.
    54. In the fifth paragraph, the word 'endorsement' means
    55. Working with arms and ammunition helped Alfred to amass _______.

    Immanuel's interest in dynamites influenced Alfred's inclination for working ___________.

    57. One of the paradoxes in Alfred's life was that he was ___________.
    58. Einstein had the impression that the Germans would __________.
    59. The passage is _____________.
    60. The paradox, 'it's certain that nothing is certain in life', indicates the writer's
    61. Choose the correct spellings in options given below.
    62. Choose the correct spellings in options given below.
    63. The passengers were very happy _________ the friendly and warm treatment.
    64. If they want to succeed, they ___________ have to work very hard.
    65. Sunita decided to set _______some time every day for prayers.

    A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. What is the average number of visitors per day in the month of June beginning with a Sunday?


    A man earns Rs. 20 on the first day and spends Rs. 15 on the next day. He again earns Rs. 20 on the third day and spends Rs. 15 on the fourth day. If he continues to save in this way, how soon will he have Rs. 60 in hand?


    Two consecutive even positive integers, sum of the squares of which is 1060 are:

    69. What is the sum of all the natural numbers from 1 to 100?

    A part of monthly hostel charges is fixed and the remaining depends on the number of days one has taken food in the mess. When a student A takes food for 20 days, she has to pay Rs. 1000 as hostel charges whereas a student B, who takes food for 26 days, pays Rs. 1180 as hostel charges. Find the fixed charges and the cost of food per day.


    The name of the laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an act of parliament in

    72. The full status of `State’ was conferred upon the Union Territories of Manipur and Tripura in
    73. Which court has stayed the execution of death sentence of Kulbhushan Jadhav in May 2017?
    74. World’s longest rail tunnel is about:

    The Hubble telescope of NASA is located in


    Global Day Of Parents is celebrated on which date to appreciate parents and parental figures for everything they do for their children ?


    The Central government has announced a _________ crore interest subvention for small business and cottage industries under Mudra Shishu loan?


    Name the video blogging contest launched by PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat


    Which organisation has launched 'COVID-19 Technology Access Pool' For Equitable Access To Life-saving Tech ?


    The UNSC has extended the arms embargo on which country until May 2021 ?


    Who is the head of the reconstituted advisory committee on service providers to provide professional support on regulation and development of service providers dealt by the IBBI ?


    Which bank has partnered with Chalo launch to bring in a contactless card for bus passengers ?


    Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) has rolled out a unique platform for extending advisory services to Covid19- affected MSMEs in which of the following state ?


    Who among the following has taken charge as the Deputy Managing Director of Exim Bank ?


    Which of the following researcher has won the 2020 Sigmod Contributions Award ?


    What is the theme of the World Milk Day observed on June 1, annually ?


    Name the Delhi-based NGO which has been conferred with the World No Tobacco Day Award 2020


    International Sex Workers Day is observed annually on which date to honours sex workers and recognise their often exploited working conditions ?


    Which company has developed a disinfection unit named Ultra Swachh to disinfect a wide range of materials including PPEs, electronic items, fabrics and others ?


    Which state aims to provide tap connection to all rural households by December, 2022 ?


    Find out the appropriate meaning of the given word from the choices given below it:

    1. Chattel
    92. Intestate
    93. Subpoena
    94. Treason
    95. Bivouac
    96. Pullulate
    97. Empathy


    99. Perjure
    100. Recidivist


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