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    DU LLB Exam Mode Online
    Question Paper type Objective (MCQs)
    Number of Sections 4
    Maximum Questions 100
    Marking Scheme Correct Answer: + 4
    Incorrect Answer: -1
    Exam duration 2 hours (120 minutes)
    Medium of language English
    Phone No.
    1. As per VII Schedule of the Constitution of India, the power to enact laws on residuary
    matters lies with
    2. The doctrine of ‘Transferred Malice’ is contained in which Section of the IPC, 1860?
    3. The doctrine of ‘double jeopardy’ enshrined in Article 20 (2) means
    4. The electoral college that elects the Vice President of India comprises of:
    5. A First Information Report (FIR) for a cognizable offence may be lodged by:
    6. Sarkaria Commission was concerned with
    7. Proceedings to be in camera means
    8. The Right of private defence of the body extends to the voluntarily causing of death, if the offence which occasions the exercise of right is
    9. A general offer is an offer which
    10. The anti-defection law in India is contained in:
    11. Art. 51A of the Constitution of India provides for the Fundamental Duties of
    12. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on
    13. The President gives his resignation to the
    14. How many times the President of India can seek re-election to his post?
    15. The charge of impeachment against the President of India for his removal can be preferred
    16. ‘Achilles heel’ means
    17. The word ‘plagiarist’ refers to a person who
    18. Basic structure of Constitution can be amended
    19. The right to protect one’s own person and property against the unlawful aggression of
    others is known as:
    20. Fraud occurs when
    21. Under Patent Act, 1970 Patent is granted for
    22. An agreement in restraint of marriage is:
    23. X+Y > U+V and
    then it is definite that:
    24. Who is equivalent of Attorney General in State?
    25. Who among the following is the First Iraqi National to have received the Nobel Peace Prize?
    26. Under Trade Marks Act, 1999 the trademark is granted for
    27. Caveat Venditor means:
    28. In which landmark judgment did the Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality
    29. The name of the Union given in the Constitution is
    30. ‘A’ threatens his wife and son to commit suicide in case they did not execute a deed in his favour.This will amount to:
    31. In which of the following cases was the judgment popularly known as Jallikattu verdict
    32. In which of the cases the relationship of principal and agent exists:
    33. In which year Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education, Act was enacted by
    Parliament of India?
    34. In which one of the following judgments the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court of India, the 'rarest of rare' principle in the award of death penalty was first laid down?
    35. The three lists in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India representestion!
    36. Five people, A, C, D, F and G are sitting around a table. A is sitting to the left of G. One person is sitting between G and D. C is sitting to the left of A: Choose the correct option:
    37. Non est factum means:
    38. Malimath Committee is associated with reforms in the field of
    39. In the year 2002 the Competition Act was enacted. This Act replaces
    40. On 9th March 2018, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India confirmed that the right to diewith dignity is a fundamental right while allowing passive euthanasia and living will. This judgment is known as
    41. ‘A’ agrees to Pay ‘B’ Rupees 1000 if it rains today, ‘B’ will pay him Rupees 1000 if it does not rain. Which kind of agreement is this:
    42. The essentials of a valid custom are:
    43. The essential characteristic of a tort is, violation of:
    44. Theft and Extortion are listed under the IPC as offences against
    45. Flog a dead horse means
    46. Representation of members in House of People in India is based on
    47. Who authored the book ‘Indian Philosophy’?
    48. The term used to describe an accused who seeks pardon from the court by agreeing to
    testify against all others involved in the crime is
    49. When both the parties are under a mistake of fact essential to the contract, the contract is
    50. Article 360 of Constitution of India has been invoked in India
    51. Article 20 and Article 21 has been taken from the purview of Article 359 of the Constitution of India by
    52. Find the average of prime numbers between 20 and 50
    53. ‘Z’ takes away a golden chain of his wife which was given by her father as Stridhan, without her consent, and gifts it to his girlfriend. ‘Z’ is guilty of
    54. The power of the President of India to issue an ordinance is a
    55. Who among the following is famous for Bharatnatyam ?
    56. For the philosophy underlying our Constitution, the historic ‘Objectives Resolution’ was moved in the Constituent Assembly on 13th December 1946 by
    57. ‘Proper respect is shown to National Anthem by standing up when the National Anthem is sung. It will not be right to say that disrespect is shown by not joining in the singing.’ It has been held in:
    58. ‘A’, a person of unsound mind, attempts to kill ‘B’. ‘B’ hits ‘A’ with an iron rod seriously injuring him
    59. Abhiram Singh v. CD Commachen (2017) is a judgment of the Supreme Court dealing with which of the following issues?
    60. The 262nd Law Commission of India report deals with
    61. In taking and recording evidence, the language of every Court within the State other than the High Court
    shall be
    62. General exceptions are laid down in the Indian Penal Code in
    63. Choose the correct spelling
    64. Choose the correct spelling
    65. What do you mean by “candidate losing the deposit” after the poll result is announced?
    66. What is the product of all numbers in the dial of a telephone?
    67. What kind of damages are available for breach of contract
    68. Which of the following laws has not been amended by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act,
    69. Which of the following are included as fundamental duties under Constitution of India?to abide by the Constitution and respect for its ideals and institutions II. to uphold and protect the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India III. to ensure the rule of law in the country to safeguard public property and to abjure violence
    70. Which of the following is an inchoate crime?
    71. Which of the following writs called bulwark of personal freedom?
    72. Which of the following is not an essential ingredient of Criminal Breach of Trust?
    73. Which of the set is said to be the Golden triangle of Indian Constitution?
    74. Clause (4) of Article 15 has been added to the Constitution of India by
    75. ‘A’ agrees to sell his house to ‘B’, ‘A’ has two houses. The agreement is:
    76. The writ of prohibition may be issued, when there is
    77. The President of the India can consult the Supreme Court of India
    78. The average of five consecutive numbers is 16. Find the smallest of these numbers
    79. The Preamble of Indian Constitution envisages what kinds of justice
    80. As per the Constitution of India the sovereignty of India lies with
    81. Bt. in ‘Bt. Brinjal’ is
    82. Who is the first Indian woman appointed as Judge of ITLOS (International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
    83. Who is the Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?
    84. Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 dislocation of tooth constitutes the offence of
    85. One card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card drawn is either a black card or a queen?
    86. How many squares are in a chess board?
    87. The Southern-most point of India territory is:
    88. The book ‘Crime and Punishment” is written by
    89. The first Dada Saheb Phalke Award was
    won by:
    90. Mauritius a country in Indian Ocean is
    located in the continent of:
    91. Bee : Hive as
    92. Ornithologist : Birds as
    93. Give the meaning of quid pro quo
    94. POLYGOT - is someone who
    95. What is the opposite of “Hapless”?
    96. What is the opposite of “Audacity”?
    97. Fill in the missing part : 5, 11, .......47, 95
    98. Fill in the missing part : 100, 48, ......9
    99. Find the odd one from the following:
    100. FGK is related to HIM as TIM is related
    to .....?


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