How To Register Online FIR?

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Most people fear to approach to the police station when there’s a criminal offense occurring. Typically there is a sense that filing a report is a lengthy operation, or that the police are not going to cooperate. But this does not deter us from taking action against a criminal offence. Simply put, it is a complaint lodged by the victim of a cognizable crime or by anyone on his or her behalf with the police but anyone can make such a claim to the police either orally or in writing. People can also lodge an FIR online via media.

Technology has opened gates and given us a chance to file complaints and FIRs online, without having to physically move to the police station. It is a hassle-free, easy process, where your complaint is registered within a couple of clicks. The tedious task has been made easy with the wave of technological invasions. Now all your grievances can be complained against by simply filing the complaint or FIR online. However, this process is not available for all states. But some states have simplified the method by taking it up online. 

What is a complaint and who can file it? 

A complaint is one where you want to report the commission or omission of an act which is an offence under the law for the time being in force. Therefore, any allegation made against a person person, organization, state-authority would be a complaint. In ordinary circumstances, not all complaints need to be written, a complaint can either be oral or written. Now the question arises as to who can file a complaint? 

The law in our country does not necessarily require us to be the victims of an incident to file a case. This means FIRs can either be lodged by the person who is a victim or the aggrieved due to a particular incident. Alternatively, an FIR can also be filed by a person who is not directly involved in the commission of an offence, nor is affected by it, but has witnessed it. Therefore, merely a witness to the commission of an offence has the locus standi to file a complaint, albeit the particular victim doesn’t . 

Steps to file an FIR online

Step 1: Go to the official website of the concerned police station. The concerned police station are depended upon the place of incident you wish to complain against. A simple Google search will give you the official website of the police station. (For example: For Delhi Police, visit the Delhi police official website

Step 2: Generally, in most of the police websites, on the home page there’ll be an option, “Service”. Search for the tag and click on it to move further in filing your complaint. 

Step 3: Once you click on the Services tab, there appears a drop-down with many options, These are the different categories of cases. Depending upon the type of your complaint, select the category which fits you best. 

Step 4: Once you decide on the suitable category, you’ll be redirected to a new page. Here, you must fill in the details based on the nature of your complaint. Then click the Search/Submit tab. Be very careful with the main points and re-check before submitting them. 

Step 5: If you’ve got filled altogether the main points and submitted, you’ll receive a replica of the FIR via an email on your registered email address. 

Significant things to bear in mind while filing FIR:

When filing an FIR you need to fill within the personal data. There will be the following options:

• Enter the name of the complainant: fill within the name of the person wishing to lodge the e-FIR.

• Enter the name of the father/mother: Fill out the name of the parents of the complainant.

• Enter the Address of the complainant– Enter the full address.

•Enter the telephone number of the plaintiff- the mobile number works for the plaintiff.

• Enter the email ID of the complainant: Email-ID is relevant as you will receive a copy of your e-FIR by email for verification.

• FIR information can’t be changed: you’ll not change the contents of the FIR until you file an FIR. On the opposite hand, at any point afterwards, you’ll give the police additional details.


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