How to Register a Company?

Why select In India Business Registration? Profits

A client registration provides multiple opportunities. A registered company makes it genuine, and increases your business’ authenticity.

  • Shields against moral liability, which helps against other threats which injuries.
  • Calls for more clients
  • Gives secure creditors bank credits and strong investment with ease.
  • Provides cover of the responsibility to protect the profits of the company
  • Bigger commitment to wealth and greater prosperity
  • Increases the ability to extend and rise high

Checklist for a company to file in India

To order for any corporation to be incorporated to India, the following requirements must be fulfilled according to the regulations in the Corporation Act, 2003.

  • Two Directors: A registered liability partnership would have at least two directors, and there can be 15 at most. Of the company executives, at least one must be Indian citizen.
  • Unique Title: The business name needs to be exclusive. The name proposed does not suit any established business or trademark in India.
  • Minimum Capital Contribution: An company does not have a fixed capital number. A organization should have a capital approved of at least Rs . 1 lakh.
  • Registered Bureau: A company’s registered office needn’t be a commercial space. Also the registered office may be a leased house, as long as the owner obtains a NoC.

How to Electronically Register a Company? — Detailed registration process

Company registration in India will fuel company success and have additional advantage to those who have not registered. The business registration process is regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, with rules and regulations formulated in compliance with legislation.

  • Stage 1: DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) application;
  • Stage 2: DIN (Director Identity Number) application;
  • Stage 3: Check for availability of the name.
  • Stage 4: EMoa and EAOA filing to file private limited undertaking
  • Stage 5: Register for business PAN and TAN
  • Stage 6: Certificate of incorporation of PAN and TAN by RoC issued
  • Step 7: Opening of an existing company name bank account

Documents needed to file a company online

In India, registration of private limited company cannot be achieved without proper proof of identity and proof of address. Evidence of identification and address would be required for the incorporation of all the company’s directors and shareholders. The documents appropriate to MCA for online business registration process are listed below.

  • Identity And proof of address
  • PAN Card or Passport scanned (Foreign Nationals & NRIs)
  • Print of Voter’s ID / Passport / Driver license scanned
  • Print of the most recent bank statement / telephone or internet bill / electricity or gas bill checked
  • Passport-sized scanned digital signature (Blank paper with signature [directors only])

Apostilled or notarized copy of the passport must be issued obligatorily for foreign nationals. Both submitted documentation will have to be accurate. The proof of residency records such as the bank account or the energy bill must be about 2 months old.

Proof of registered office

The company must have a registered office in India for electronic business registration in India. A latest copy of an energy bill or the property tax receipt or water bill must be sent to confirm access to the registration office. A letter from the owner with her / his permission to use the property as the company’s registered property will be shown along with the tenancy deal, the utilities bill or the sale deed.

  • Print of the most recent bank statement / telephone or internet bill / electricity or gas bill checked
  • Proof of Notarized Rental Agreement checked in English
  • Scanned copy of the land owner’s No-objection certificate
  • Scanned copy of deed of sale / lease in English (in the case of land owned)

Note: It doesn’t need to be a business facility for your registered office; it may even be your home.


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