All you should know about Vakalatnama


Vakalatnama may be a document that’s given by a client to an advocate to seem and or plead before any court of law on behalf of him. it also referred to as a memo of appearance, Vakilat Patra, VP.

There is no mention of any particular definition of Vakalatnama within the civil procedure code 1908 also because the Power of Attorney Act, 1882.

The meaning of Vakalatnama is defined within the advocates” Welfare Fund Act, 2001 under section 2(u) “Vakalatnama” includes a memorandum of appearance or the other document by which an advocate is empowered to seem or plead before any court, tribunal or other authority;

The holder of the vakalatnama its called pleader, an advocate, counsel, vakil or an attorney who is permitted to simply accept the vakalatnama behalf of his client or party of the litigation.

The meaning of advocate is defined in the Advocates” Welfare Fund Act, 2001 under section 2(a) “advocate” means an advocate whose name has been entered in the State roll prepared and maintained by a State Bar Council under section 17 of the Advocates Act, 1961 (25 of 1961) and who may be a member of a State Bar Association or State Advocates’ Association; an equivalent meaning of advocate is mention within the advocates Act, 1961 Under Section 2 (1) (a) Advocate” means an advocate entered in any roll under the provisions of this Act.

(2) how to fill up vakalatnama form?

Vakalatanama is one quite power of attorney which provides to the pleader for performing behalf of his client in various sort of work and it’s also to be binding of client or litigant who gives his vakalatnama to a pleader.

therefor it’s necessary to fill up a vakalatnama with the understanding to figure with responsibility and a spotlight . Therefore it’s also advisable for the client or litigant to carefully read all the terms and conditions mentioned in such vakalatnama and avoid to sing during a blank vakalatnama.

Vakalatnama it’s a document that which is creates a selected relationship between the lawyer and therefore the client.

to refill vakalatnama form every litigant should carefully following steps.

(a) should be mentioned the names of the persons who are executing the Vakalatnama, and not leaving the relevant column blank.

(b) must disclose the name, designation or authority of the person executing the Vakalatnama if the Vakalatnama is signed on behalf of an organization, society or body.

(c) Affixing a seal of any or by mentioning the name and designation below the signature of the executant.

(d) mention the name of the pleader in whose favor the Vakalatnama is executed, to sign it in token of its acceptance.

(e) provide proper identification of the person( if require) who executed the Vakalatnama, in order that the pleader is satisfied himself with the execution of the Vakalatnama.

(f) mention the address of the pleader for purpose of service or communication in the future.

(g) If the Vakalatnama is executed by someone for self and on behalf of others mention the rationale why it’s executed on behalf of such an individual . For example, in the case of a guardian of the minor children are parties.

(h) Where the Vakalatnama is executed by an influence of attorney holder of a celebration , disclose a replica of the facility of attorney.

(i) Where quite one person signs one vakalatnama, mentioning their serial numbers or names in brackets.

(3) Which types of terms mention in vakalatnama?

Generally, the subsequent sorts of terms mention in vakalatnama.

The client will agree to advocate’s decision which is done on behalf of a client.

The client will willing to accept all charges or costs of all legal proceedings.

The advocate has the proper to stay all the documents until complete fees not paid by the client.

If during the trial client wants to vary his lawyer he has the proper to try to to so.

The lawyer has the right to take all the decisions for the beneficiary purpose of the client.

(4) who is authorized to give a vakalatnama?

Any affected party or aggrieved person are often eligible and authorize to offer a vakalatnama.

Any authorized person can execute the Vakalatnama on behalf of the corporate , society or body.

Parents can be authorized as a guardian of the minor children.

A power of attorney holder of a celebration , also can eligible to file a vakalatnama.

(5) what sorts of content should be mention in vakalatnama?

Generally following types of content mentioned in vakalatnama.

Details of a case number and name of the court.

Full name of the authorized one that executed the vakalatnama.

Full name of the advocate and office or service address of the appointed advocate.

Signature of the person who appoints advocate.

Signature of the appointed advocate as an acceptance of vakilatpatra.

(6) what is the validity of a vakalatnama?

The Vakalatpatra is valid until the top of the case, after the given Vakalatnama to an Advocate, it means the Advocate can act behalf of you till the top of the case. In case if the litigant doesn’t want to continue thereupon lawyer or want to discharge him as per terms and conditions of vakalatnama. In the case of death client or death of pleader vakalatnama till valid.


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